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Jeanette Bishop is a retired cardiology physiologist and spiritual healer, practicing for more than thirty years. Jeanette is a compassionate advocate for human rights and an avid traveler of the world, visiting many countries on her travels, including those in Europe and the Middle East, talking to people about their beliefs and religion.


Jeanette has heard and talked to God since she was a small child.  Besides spiritual healing, she is a clairvoyant/medium having done Spirit communication with clients all over the world.

Helen Varga is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) with the Reflexology Association of Canada since 1997, as well as a spiritual healer. With her creative partner and best-friend, Jeanette Bishop, she formed Kiss and Tell Creative Productions to tackle taboo subjects from spirituality to sexuality through holding various workshops. Helen is a former graphic artist and a lifelong artist as a poet and mixed-media artist.


Helen has seen God since she was a small child and has mentored under Jeanette to develop her spiritual awareness.