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Hang in There

Quotes & Meditations for Spiritual Survival

What is one left to do with feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, hopelessness, and unworthiness along with the notion that nothing seems to be working out in life due to a loss of faith in the universe and one’s self?


Hang in there.


That was the advice given to the authors when they asked Spirit, “Why even bother?” That exchange led to the compilation of phrases, affirmations, and mantras to promote less negative self-talk and more self-love, hope, and spiritual understanding. Those seeking spiritual reinforcement including the necessity of self-love will encounter Spirit inspired material that brings simplicity to spirituality since life can be challenging, consequently using the mind to redirect negative thoughts on a regular basis results in a clearer mind and thus spiritual awareness.


Readers will discover

  • meditative mantras (“I unburden my soul from human constructs by letting go.”)

  • bolstering affirmations (“I am whole, and I have no need, nor desire to block myself with the power of self-hatred.”)

  • spiritual truths (“If we stay with what we know, then we cannot grow.”)

  • offers of comfort ("Silver linings are a way to show us with hindsight things weren’t right anyway.”)

  • along with soul-stirring insights ("God’s grace is with all beings regardless of human interpretations.”)           

Hang in There - Quotes & Meditations for Spiritual Survival can be used for meditative purposes, as a daily dose of inspiration, or as a useful tool for spiritual insight and guidance when randomly opened while seeking clarity from the universe.

In paperback and ebook versions.

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