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Life in death, death in life?

It's funny you know, people have near death experiences, which means death is part of our lives, which we all know right? How comes then when it comes to life in death as in an afterlife or spirit experiences, people have such a hard time?

They are so intertwined one cannot be possible without the other.

Hey ho, that is my thinking and I can imagine there will be people who will say it is because I want to make it fit.

Could be, could be however, I am not the only person in the whole universe who has experience death in life and witnessed the spiritual return of a person.

Share your stories with me please, I will promise to share the good, the bad and the indifferent. The only thing I ask, is no profanity. You can speak to me without that, not that I personally care, I will have to omit the profanity out of respect for others.

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