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Peace of Mind

So what gives you peace of mind? Is it a big bank account? A glass of merlot after work? Is it possible to have peace of mind living in a physical world where everything is a commodity including food? Many cannot afford the basics of life while some don't even have access to them.

From a spiritual context we can do a few things to give us some peace of mind. There is always meditation. Try it for even a minute to start your day. It's as simple as taking your morning shower. Count to 60 while in the shower and stay focused on feeling the water while imagining it wash away any stress down the drain. Some people have their most creative ideas in the shower! Also, being around nature is always a good way of connecting to Spirit and reminding ourselves we are a part of everything which can give us peace of mind.

From a psychological context, their is always positive thinking and staying focused on the good things in our lives and having gratitude in the process. Having expectations rather than waiting for the best possible outcome certainly prevents us from having peace of mind. Having berating critical thoughts creates pain. For instance, do you think you don't deserve love and joy? Are you following your passion? Are you taking steps in making your dreams a reaility? Are you doing what you love or only going through the motions at work and life? (Some of the most successful people on our planet love what they do) So, what are you mental demons that's preventing peace of mind?

We live in a global world where everything from the economy to the internet connects us. Thus, in a world filled with war and much negativity it's hard to have peace of mind. We can pray for peace in our world, however it also starts within. Here in the West we have so much, yet we're still unhappy. Everything is just a reflection anyways; external chaos is just reminding of us of our own inner turmoil.

So what do you need to do to create peace of mind for yourself . . . . ??

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