Another Year

With the holidays just around the corner and the New Year fast approaching, it seems like it's time to review and rewind what transpired during the past year.

The question that comes to mind is: are you happy?

  • Are you living the life that your soul desires and intended for you?

  • Are you living your life with joy and passion?

  • Are you still seeking?

  • And are you seeking internally or externally?

  • What steps have you taken to move forward in your life to live the life that you desire?

  • Do you live vicariously through others instead?

  • Are you too busy procrasinating?

  • Are you fearful (fear of failure, fear of success, fear of criticism, etc)?

With this time of the year we think that the "stuff" we get during the holidays will bring us happiness. We forget that it's the intention behind the giving that brings joy. Once the gifts are unwrapped, the novelty wears off and we're left feeling empty. We have all this "stuff" and yet deep within our being, we are unhappy.

Loving ourselves and knowing we are "good enough" while listening to our soul that is desiring only the best for us will help us grow. Take time in your busy schedule during the holidays to reflect and meditate on what your soul is trying to tell you. It will guide you and never stear you in the wrong direction. The ability to discern if it is our ego or soul is key - if it is instant gratification or is harmful to you or others, then it's the ego; if it's based from strictly love, then you know it's the soul.

Just remember: your soul only wants to have joy.

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