All for good looking guys doing the ads, but has this grown into a war over tolerance?

Our tolerance is a learned behaviour, it can come from many sources and these days we are bombarded with an immense amount of tolerances every single day and their opposites. Think advertisements, think media, think any store or institution, they all serve up daily, an amount of tolerance and intolerance.

It’s hip to be at the best clothing store or the best coffee shop, so which ones came to your mind as soon as you thought of best clothing store or best coffee shop? The list is endless isn’t it? We as a human race are all affected by these tolerances one way or another.

Mainstream news media tells us who we can like and dislike, swaying millions of people everyday to believe something or other, even when it wasn’t in our minds in the first place. You can go online and find examples of this just about anywhere. Some of us will be less affected and some will have varying degrees of permeation, from small media run opinions to full out opinions based on tolerances and intolerances of major players in our world.

So what does it mean spiritually? Good question. Got us thinking and asking for the answers.

As always Spirit comes through in various ways. We have always said Spirit has stated “tolerance is based on superiority, therefore one puts up with whatever it is one is being tolerant of.” Whereas acceptance is a totally different thing. It suggests some validity is required by the observer. Perhaps a willingness to understand instead of overruling with our perceptions and opinions. Or maybe we are just so exhausted from all the bombardment in our daily lives from every angle we give up. So how did we get to overruling and narrow opinions?

Could it be we suffer from the so called Warrior Gene? ( In some research which isn’t verified, it states as much as 40% of the populace has the MAOA. So what on earth is happening to us? Why are we so aggressive towards others when their opinion is different from ours? I can’t talk I have done and do it myself, get all up in there when I feel my opinion is more valid than someone else’s. Had to look at that majorly, especially when the vulnerable are at risk. So it can be useful I guess as long as we can direct it to teaching instead of fighting, kind of awareness.

Spirit suggests we have become warriors from all the “war” talk. Things as simple as sexualised advertisements, which most are, let’s face it. Lovely looking males (females) with the watch, or after shave (perfume) or something, walking in the night, or swaggering maybe, some of those guys (gals) look damn good don’t they? We get caught up in it, the label, the scene, the sexualised man or woman either half naked or dressed in amazing designer wear. Yeah my fave is Dwayne Johnson, (fans oneself frantically) - and we live vicariously through the ad. The “war” is the product and how you will feel if you have it or don’t have it. Advertisers want you to sell your soul and fight for that little piece of the dream, which incidentally many of us never get or have. (not a bad thing either I might add).

If you have kids you will know more about this than ANYONE! Parents can be wracked with guilt if they can’t afford the latest toy or game. A “war” for your parenting skills, a “war” for your money and your kids!! Little Bobo and Suzy want the latest gear right? I don’t know how many times I used to hear “ But MOM, I CAN”T LIVE WITHOUT IT!” whatever IT was. How many of us have witnessed the melt down when the kid in the store doesn’t get what he/she wants? How many of us have witnessed the manipulation by the media to give them what they want?

So have we become more aggressive by mutation, by toxic substances, by substance abuse, by the constant stream of media views of what we don’t have and have, by gaming which glorifies the act of war, finally leading to a growing narcissistic, insular, even parochial population who for the most part only care about themselves? Have we switched off our “God" gene, look at some of the research coming out plus let’s remember if we were to be guided intuitively as many good scientists are, we may find more than we bargained for - ( or switched off the “Moral Compass” in our brains? Does this mean our evolution is at risk?

Spirit - For every war you create in any shape, your tolerance decreases and you accept more of the negative aspects as the norm. Instead of becoming intolerant towards violence in any shape or form of the body mind or soul, the tolerance increases and you accept the inevitability of your fellow man’s deaths in these areas but not your own. This leads to invincibility and shows in the behaviours of those who think they are big fish in little mud puddles in a drought. The rights of others are forgotten and the self absorbed is born. The big fish will drain the little muddle puddle of its resources for itself, believing its’ survival is THE only important thing left in the world.

Food for thought to bring about awareness, not to create distress. As always, take what you need, disregard the rest and do your research.

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