Protection or prayer?

We have seen many communications regarding protection for “sitting” and to repel negativity.

One of the circles I had “sat” in (a group of people who gather at the same and night, each week for the sole purpose of learning to communicate with Spirit) used prayer which was great. However there are many who use tools like white light, “egg” shaped light in various colors to step into within the mind and so on.

Great tools to order the mind into a place of awareness for sure, training the mind to visualize and focus. However to say it is for the purpose to repel negativity or evil spirits is quite ludicrous.

Why is it people believe in this negativity which can attach itself to them and cause them harm? Where does this belief come from. We believe in part, it’s to do with the dualism we believe in, from the time of upsetting “rain gods” to now where there are some who believe God is a father figure with a nemesis called Satan. Perhaps the fight is between the nemesis and God for our souls, as per some religious beliefs. Whatever it is, it is weird for us to think this way. It is weird because religions and many beliefs shared are quite duplicitious, one minute saying God is all powerful, or the Spirit World is very powerful, yet saying God is weak because God can't protect us from "evil" spirits or the like.

It doesn’t make sense to sit and imagine an egg-like shape of light of your choosing or someone else’s choosing for that matter, which you step into in your mind’s eye then you are magically protected from “evil” spirits or negativity.

Or surrounding one’s self with white light, how do we know what color of light God or Spirit is anyway, since they use the whole spectrum of light and beyond. Is it perhaps to give one hope? A hope that says you are safe and protected? Why not a simple authentic prayer then?

Maybe it is because the mind can be weak and we need the focus to sharpen it so we can draw in Spirit. In that case it might be better to protect ourselves from our own minds as opposed to the realms of Spirit and God. We may know a little about Spirit world but the old saying “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.” - Albert Einstein. Which doesn’t mean we need to fear Spirt or God, however we do need to respect it by not applying hokey pokey applications of so-called protections.

My own spiritual teacher (from spirit I should add here) once asked me why was I saying a mantra to surround myself in white light? He said “ you might as well go get a flashlight and tape it to the top of your head with it switched on for the good it will do.”. I had asked him why does he say that? I felt better doing it and more positive. His response was “The Realm of the Creator is far greater than your mind and if you feel your mind can conjure up the light of God, you would not be here right now. It would be far too great for your mind and body to comprehend.’.

I could imagine that quite clearly. He went on to say “The Universal Source, God if you will, energies are gentle and compassionate and all that’s required is a simple heart felt prayer to the Higher Source prior to your communications with Spirit.”.

My inquiring mind wasn’t happy with this, so I asked him why did we need to pray at all then?

Why pray at all, if we don’t need anything like white light, etc? His response was simple, “ If you wish to communicate with Spirt World, then you prepare your mind for Spirit World with prayer supplications, if you wish to communicate with your imagination, then prepare your mind for your imagination with visualizations.”

Clear and simple.

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