WTF, is going on? closet stupidity has come out of the closet giving spirituality a bad name.

I thought today, with all the troubles going on in Nepal and Calbuco, Trump and the US and of course many more - it was a good time to think about evolution.

I have heard from the sublime to the ridiculous on natural disasters. The earth is constantly moving its' plates and the magma needs a place to spout.... much like me and Hel. Have we gone back to the dark ages thinking these kinds of thoughts, well actually saying them out loud! "Mother earth is angry at us all and punishing us!" WTF? (sorry! But want to get across my disbelief) So what did the dinosaurs do to piss off mother earth then when they became victims of earthquakes and volcanoes?

It's all about superstition again. How many fanatics have lead people to their deaths because of superstitious mumbo jumbo? "The End is Nigh". It may well be, for sure, however, I don't think for a minute, if there was an actual entity who wreaks havoc on us lowly humans, would do it to a poor country like Nepal!

I knew a family once, who were part of a religious organisation who believed every single New Year the world would end! How terrifying to have that sort of event happening every single year! Perhaps it is to ensure gratitude, I can think of many other ways to be grateful. However this was their belief and I have no right to judge it, I mean I speak to dead people! What kind of lunacy is that? Of course I don't think it lunacy but many might.

I mean think on it for a minute, there are plenty groups who could to with a bit of havoc wreaked on them! Radicals for instance, or child abusers, or sexual predators. So we are evolving... right?

What does that even mean? The dictionary says, Develop, (well poor people in Nepal didn't even get a chance to yet) progress — advance — mature (PFFT)! — Change - metamorphose, now there is a good word, metamorphose!!

Does evolvement even mean those things in terms of spirituality? We say we are evolving, no disrespect to anyone, but all I see is pain, suffering, abuse, murder, in the grandest ways done, invasions, forceable confinement to one's country by a radical group with guns and so on, it goes on forever. I know we can take solace in the fact there are many good things happening in our world, but I still see hypocrisy everywhere.

Just look on social media for one, I love my social media, it keeps me in touch with people I care about but when I read posts which ridicule others, actively looking to minimise another human being for their uniqueness, then post something honourable like raising funds for a charity, I just think W.T.F.? I am trying to be spiritual here, and it's hard!What is the effect of spiritual thinking anyway? You get upset at injustice and become aware of your own injustices which you have committed. It doesn’t mean you have to be flailed or wear a cilice, like The Religious Numerary, Silas, in The Da Vinci code, to repent or anything like that, for your own injustices committed, it is just about being aware, and changing the behaviour. I had to ask myself and others the question, do you think we have evolved and are we evolving? The answer was YES! I was shocked! But then I had to think on it for a bit, we have evolved yes, how, I would say probably technologically, medically, engineering, etc , etc. This doesn't say anything about how we think or behave.

It was revealing to find many people who consider this as advancement since we are managing to invent such things which were only but a dream 150 years ago! True! For example, if you ask someone to describe themselves they inevitably talk about what they do, not who they are. Seems the same here with advancements, it’s all about invention rather than becoming a better race. Yet we are becoming a better race in the terms of technology etc. It’s funny really, not funny haha either, how we can invent things to repair people's bodies but then invent things just to destroy them.I had to ask spirit about this, it was such a dilemma and a dichotomy.

- You have free will in anything you choose to do. Thinking that God, or the Universal Source or whatever you would like to call the Divine, will interfere in your free will, is returning to the idea the Godhead is a punitive parental entity, choosing who and who not to punish. The reason for free will, is for you to exercise your intellect, emotions and spiritual abilities to rise above base thinking which only seeks self gratification, which is natural for the physical body. However you are more than just a physical body, you are a spiritual being residing within your physical body, which yearns for goodness and love to sustain the physical being you move around in.

You are Spirit first and foremost using a physical body to attain the Spirit in Flesh. Much like training for anything one might do, this is no different. Your choices are what they are and you harvest the consequences of them.

However, some need to overcome thousands of years of base survival coping mechanisms encoded into their dna from generation to generation. If someone is different from you, some either convert or kill and this can take on many layers, homophobia, religion against religion, tribal thinking in a negative form, bullying. Some have not realised they are worthy enough in their own right, this is part of the 'evolvement' if you will. However, in many, the creation of drama is far superior fun and gives them a sense of being alive if you will, it is hard to give up. Until one realises there are no differences just uniqueness this way of life will continue because one wants it to. -

It's interesting to have conversations with Spirit because I get on my high horse lots of times over abuse etc and while I understand the lessons, it doesn't make it any easier to witness, in fact probably harder, because it doesn't have to be this way. Right?

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