Sometimes we forget the inner life and become twats... stupid really, when you really look at it.

With so many different methods of reaching your spiritual potential, it’s easy to let slip by the most important part of your spirituality, YOU. Without you there is no spirituality talk, debate, or any other type of communication.

Without YOU, we would have nothing to talk about either. Your life you have lived, the difficulties, the triumphs, the highs, the lows, how you have been defeated and yet rose up, one way or another, these are the very details of our spiritual existence.

These details are what make us human, which cause us to delve deep into our inner beings to find answers and support or at least share with others.

What about that inner life anyway? Do we question it? Do we boss it around? What exactly is our inner lives?

There are many debates about the inner life of the human being, it has been chewed up, digested, BBQ’d, beaten, thrown into the lion’s den, made out to be madness, covered with tinker bell lights and who knows what. We have gone through many changes since time began but the one thing that remains constant is, our search for spiritual enlightenment.

The elusive peace of the Divine is hunted with precision by many methods. The one thing we always forget, no matter how hard we try, we forget about the peace is within us. We search and search outside of ourselves all the time, thinking the peace is out there somewhere. We don’t do the work on the inner part of our peace.

Now as harsh as that sounds, it is better to be real than not. In this time of quick fixes for this and that, we forget to spiritually care for ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts and even our bodies.

What is it about us as human beings we forget about our self? I mean we care for it in many ways, with the usual statements such as for example, “Hey I work hard, I deserve!’ Who is it we are trying to convince anyway? Is it ourselves or is it the people around us? Do we feel guilty about having a simple pleasure or break from the harsh realities of daily living, and they can be quite harsh to say the least. None of us are immune to the trials of life regardless of our so called standing in society.

Why is it we as a human race manage to destroy something so beautiful as ourselves and bring our thinking back into the mud where we end up stuck again?

It is such a simple thing, we do it because we like it. I can hear the groans and the machinations to make fit a so called truth about the whys and wherefores but it is true, we like it. It gives us meaning to our lives, it allows us to make the excuses for the damaging effects we produce everyday, to ourselves, to others, to the world and we like being in the victim persecutor, rescuer role because it gives us meaning.

Don’t stop reading yet, all will be revealed.

We get to be kids again, bemoaning this and that. Hey I like it too! I get to sound off and moan and get mad at what ever it is at that moment frustrates me.

However the underbelly all of this is the truth, we feel helpless and or powerless.

We have lost our way in our spirituality we now feel helpless. We don’t connect within, we don’t develop our inner life or tap into our inner wisdom, what a hokey word that is, isn’t it? Wisdom.

What the heck does that mean anyway? Wisdom is the accumulation of all your actions and thoughts where you know better, we don't use it. I don’t use it as much as I ought to either. Boy, what a revelation this is to me too.

When do you think we realize this? When we look at the mess the world is in, when we see our children becoming desensitized in some way to human and animal suffering, (not all children I might add, I am generalizing here nonetheless, we do see that everyday), when people fight over who’s God is better! How dumb is that! It’s like saying my Yellow M & M is better than yours!

How do we get back to the peace? We must, not need, we MUST get back to our “self”, nurturing ourselves into love again, loving our minds, our bodies, our thoughts and mental well being. Nurturing each other into a place of love, where we make better decisions about ourselves, the children, the animals, our world and everything around us and for us. You know when you travel by air, the little video or flight attendant tells you in the safety lecture, put your O2 mask on FIRST then help others, never a truer statement could be heard. Can’t help others until you really put your inner life in order, or at least start to, then you will have full understanding and learning capabilities as to why others do what they do. Perhaps even become compassionate towards them and yourselves. Such a bantered word again isn’t it? Compassion.

Spiritual words are used in ways that would make your hair stand on end. We use words like they are a currency to pay for a spiritual existence. The more one uses the word the more spiritual one is! Yet the inner world doesn’t reflect compassion or any other likened word at all. It can and often does, reflect a need for power, greed, superiority, payback, passive aggressive behaviors, recompense, you name it, we have all experienced these emotions within. I am the first one to admit I have had these emotions whilst bantering spiritual words which have no depth to them because of all the resounding negative emotions I had within.

Reflecting and growing over the many years and all the yakking off at Spirit, the answers came steadily and true. The need to change the inner life of our human existence is needed more than ever now. Self nurturing isn’t about being selfish, it is about self care. It is allowing yourself the time you need and not the time others want you to have. We all grow at different rates and that’s ok as long as we are willing to recognize our own resistance.

Resistance is a true spiritual tool too! Although I can say hand on heart, I hate it passionately. It can show us we were waiting for God’s time or we are waiting for others to give up on us and the like. The trick is knowing which is which. This is what takes the time, understanding yourself and not lying to one’s self to the point of sabotage.

The inner life is a convoluted journey but well worth the effort if one is willing to change the negative behaviours and thinking. Can people change for the better? Some can, some refuse to, some aren’t able to. I love my inner life, it never ceases to show me how deep or shallow I can be or how connected or disconnected I can be, even what a stupid twat I am or how wise I can be, believe you me there is a lot of that going on!

Learning to live with your inner life can be tough, it’s hard work as you face parts of you which aren’t pleasant but the good within you will flourish when you pay special attention to it and release it from the negative aspects, This is where you find discernment and your Divinity within you.

Is it a pie in the sky ideal? Maybe, maybe not, but I believe in the inherent good of human kind. I believe we are angry because we don’t tap into our inner life more often. We only scream for help inside and out when we are in dire need, why not everyday? Nurturing that inner life towards a more loving existence for yourself and those around you, with discernment. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself in order to be a spiritual person, you have value. I never did understand why we had to go around with a loin cloth and a begging bowl, well I wouldn’t anyway, my boobs would be hanging out, yuck! If we work on ourselves without obsession or self absorption kinda thing, we wouldn’t need to be reminded of how bad life can be for others, we would know inherently and work towards a better world.

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