How long have we been feeling insignificant?

How long has this sense of not mattering in the grander scheme been going on? This is a brief overview & is in no way a full description, there is always truth within truth within truth within the layers of understanding.

If we look back in time, someone decided we needed leadership in our spiritual lives, hence there has been abuse of power towards the masses, filtering into daily lives through various institutions. Why do we feel insignificant? Why do we need to feel like being chosen or special in order to receive? Could the frame of reference be guilt leading to insignificance which consistently rears its head in our thinking, affecting our actions and behaviours, and ends up in the unworthiness we feel? We go from “I don’t deserve” to “I deserve this” seesawing back and forth, so no wonder we feel insignificant and can’t affect a good result in our lives.

Where does spirituality come into this? It’s back to being brainwashed by whomever to make you believe you are worthy then, your worthiness is snatched away with reprisals and blame. This forces a person to do more (thinking it will help) or it will force them to believe they are worthless (and won’t change because there isn’t a point). To break the cycle takes work and energy; the very attributes an abuser does not want you to have, energy and the ability to work it through (and sometimes we are our own abuser in our minds as we fight with our inner demons – sometimes we win and sometimes we lose the battle). Doing a daily (yes, daily) few minutes of deep breathing while thinking about our right to peace and happiness to change the inner workings of the hatred and self-loathing we can feel at the hands of insignificance.

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