New Year Resolutions Good for the Soul

We are multi-dimensional beings – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as sexual. In today’s anxiety driven, guilt ridden, instant gratification world, all those different levels are being impacted to the detriment of our well-being. For our purposes, we’ll be looking at the spiritual aspect of our being. With the New Year approaching many set goals, resolutions and the like which is fine, however many times we overlook our spiritual health (i.e. having a balanced relationship with our inner life). In the upcoming weeks in the New Year, we will be providing simple exercises (since baby steps are a good way to start) regarding:

  • listening to that inner voice

  • connecting to the divine within

  • self-care for the soul

  • writing prompts for the soul

If you’re thinking of some resolutions for the New Year, these are from Spirit taken from our book WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook for Loving Yourself without Fear. Yes, these are about self-love – so resolve to love yourself more in the upcoming year!

Self-Love Resolutions

  1. Ensure your body and mind gets rest from daily living. What message are you sending to your body if you deny yourself rest or healthy food or just peace of mind? It’s a great place for negativity to root and deny yourself wellness. – WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook © 2014

  2. Have healthy relationships or at least understand what a healthy relationship is. If you are in pain continually in a relationship, then it isn't healthy. If you require allies to secure your point of view, this also isn’t healthy, and you will need to look at your part in that. – WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook © 2014

  3. Love yourself enough to steer clear of negativity. If you gossip, you are saying that you don't care what others say about you, which means you don't care if you receive negativity. – WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook © 2014

In the meantime, we’re going to have you ponder some questions before the New Year (we’ve given some examples to get you started).

How am I NOT being good enough to myself regarding:

  • Health-wise i.e. not enough exercise ________________more sleep___________________

  • Relationship-wise ( friends) i.e. competitiveness _______set boundaries__________________

  • Relationship-wise (family) i.e. negate love _______________________________________

  • Relationship-wise (romantic) i.e. allowing abuse __________________________________

  • Career-wise i.e. self-sabotage _______________________________________________

  • Financially i.e. overspending ________________________________________________

  • Sexually i.e. instant gratification ______________________________________________

  • Spiritually i.e. martyrdom __________________________________________________

  • Creatively i.e. procrastination ________________________________________________

  • Other area(s) __________________________________________________________

Wishing all of you much love, joy, and abundance for 2018! – Jen and Hel

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