New Year Resolutions: How to Listen to Your Soul in A Stress Induced World

"Allowing others, society, or the media to take away your relationship with yourself causes self-doubt; this can damage your innate intuitiveness." – quote WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook for Loving Yourself without Fear © 2014

Just imagine if your soul is trying to get your attention but you’re too busy to notice and/or cannot hear. As a result, we can take into consideration all the different variables which influence our spiritual being. Here are just a few factors:

  • Media including radio, television, internet, film, music, and social media

  • Violence creates fear and/or indifference

  • Bad news causes anxiety

  • Technology including laptops, video games, smart phones, tablets, any hand-held device , virtual devices

  • Technology and any subsequent external noise pollution generates distractions for the mind

  • Belief Systems

  • Who We Think We Are (Member of Society) versus Who We Really Are (Spiritual Being) which can come from the opinions of:

  • family

  • society

  • academia

  • religion (doctrine)

  • medicine (metaphor of the body being a machine)

  • popular culture (everything from physical appearance to fame)

Hence, listening to our soul (spirit, essence, higher-self, or however you deem it) has become more of a challenge. It’s about becoming aware of that inner voice – in other words, daily quiet time.

Exercise: Spiritual Commitment to Daily Silence

We’re running from one appointment to the next scheduled event; busyness has taken control of our lives. We are in overload thinking about our life (relationships, work, money, and the like) while listening to our internal (negative) chatter – thus, too often we are projecting into the past or into the future instead of enjoying the moment. Furthermore, we’re preoccupied and plugged into technology and the constant barrage of information. We may even feel guilt if we take time for ourselves. All of this impacts our spiritual being and our ability to pay attention to our soul, intuition, inner voice (or however you deem it). At first, you may find it difficult, but you can start with 5 minutes of quiet time and build up to 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, and so forth.

Make a spiritual commitment to have 5-10 minutes of quiet time a day, which means no usage of:

  • Cell phone, laptop, video games, any hand-held devices such as tablets

  • Appliances including washer/dryer/dishwasher

  • Radio, or any other listening device

  • Television

  • Internet

Tell friends, family, co-workers and the like of your daily commitment to quiet time and ask them to respect this time of your day - no conversations! It may be easier to set your quiet time at a particular time of the day so everyone knows not to interrupt. However, if this is too hard, you may have to become creative!

Come up with some creative ways to find 5-10 minutes of quiet time (remember to use your five senses):

  • Doodling to relax the mind

  • Hiding and locking yourself in the bathroom (if all else fails)

  • Washing dishes: stay focused on feeling the water while imagining it washing away your stress.

If you can increase the quiet time from 15 minutes to half-an-hour:

  • Watching the sunrise or sunset

Really, all we’re trying to get you to do is some meditation, but for many it’s a scary word. For those unfamiliar with meditation or who have wanted to try or even those who meditate and don’t have the time, it’s about being creative in finding the time and space. Meditation isn’t always about sitting in a lotus position. Just remember that if you can only manage a minute of silence, it’s a start, and allows your brain some reprieve. Baby steps!

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