Activating the Divine Within

We are always connected to the Source/Creator, however we often feel disconnected. Spirit shared with us an alternative method regarding activating the Oneness/Divinity within ourselves. The simplicity has to do with acting like a child - experiencing joy because one is too busy having fun and being in the moment - thus, one is in non-judgment mode.

Below is an excerpt from our book WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Workbook for Loving Yourself without Fear.

Be the child! There is a distinction between being childish and childlike. Being childlike in essence is activating the Oneness because we allow ourselves to enjoy the experience rather than judging it. This act of non-judgment activates the Source within. This brings us to our next exercise.

Activity in Non-Judgment

Think of creative activities you enjoyed as a child in which no judgment was involved. Make a list to activate the Oneness in yourself.

  • day trip to the beach; making sandcastles

  • taking a field trip (museum, zoo, farm)

  • splashing in puddles

  • eating ice cream with relish (no, not the hamburger stuff—with gusto!)

  • finger painting

  • hide and seek

  • baking

  • flying kites

  • bicycling fast down a hill

  • making snow angels

There are so many to choose from, so please add more.

If you’re a parent, when your kids pull out drawing materials, craft materials, and the like, join them and allow yourself to become a creator yourself and have some fun!

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