Self-care for the Soul

While we incorporate health as part of our resolutions for the New Year, often it has to do with our physical health. However, our spiritual health is just as important especially in today’s stressful world. We’re not sure about you, but we can feel when we need to recharge our “spiritual battery” and thus take some time out from life’s pressures. Often we ignore our soul because we’re too busy, we feel we don’t deserve or _____________________ (fill in the blank that reflects you).

We’ve given you a few ideas below however, try to come up with your own that suits you. These can involve day trips, half-day escapes (including workshops and classes), or even less than that. Give yourself permission to recharge your spiritual battery. These are only suggestions, for instance, you may need a day of contemplation or half a day of serenity – you decide what is best at that moment. It’s our hope that you can encompass one or two on a daily basis to maintain your spiritual well-being. Be creative!

Day-Long Spiritual Serenity

  • driving along back country roads discovering new scenery

  • fishing excursion on a quiet lake

Half-Day Spiritual Bliss

  • an art workshop

  • woodworking

One hour Spiritual Rejuvenation

  • gardening

  • listening to music

30-minute Spiritual Contemplation

  • stargazing at the night sky

  • journaling

5 to 10-minute Spiritual Relaxation

  • doodle

  • go for a walk

If you’re having problems coming up with ideas, there are many different ways to inspire the spirit – colour; sound; and fun. Of course, this means experiences that are not detrimental to your well-being such as drugs, alcohol and the like.

  • Make a list of people, places, things, or activities that you haven’t experienced but would love to try i.e. try horseback riding for the first time, trying new foods,

  • You may want to add comedy (movie, sitcom, stand-up etc) somewhere on the list, as laughter is healing and Spirit has a sense of humor too!

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