Manifesting: Advice from Spirit

We have become so proficient in creating that we don’t always realize we are creating, even when we think negatively. - WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook © 2014 Bishop & Varga

We want to have knowing. Spirit told us, “If you have knowing, then prayer is not asking, it is gratitude.” – WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Workbook © 2016 Bishop & Varga

Through the years Spirit has been there for us dispensing information and advice regarding a variety of subjects – and that includes manifesting (this is a highlight reel and by no means in-depth, but rather a stepping stone to further understanding and growth).

When it comes to manifesting, something that Spirit told us was, “State your intentions clearly.” Why is this important? Here is a personal example to clarify. Jen asked for a new car many years ago, and not long after the universe responded – one of the kids came up to her with a new toy car and said, “Here Mom, a car for you.” In other words, be specific with the universe as to your intent/goal/aim/purpose (in this case, it didn’t know the difference between a full-sized car and a toy car). In addition, often we change our minds like the wind changes direction. Think of a menu board and you’re asked what you would like to drink and you cannot decide between a soda, juice, or water; you keep going back and forth, unsure of what you really want. As a result, the universe cannot respond – and then we wonder why nothing happens – we think maybe if we pray more, the universe will hear us. Prayer is often seen as a spiritual practice for manifestation which is fine unless you are being disingenuous and manipulating the universe. Often many try to bargain with God by promising if ‘this happens they will do this in return’ however some resort to outright bullying by telling the universe they will refuse to believe in a Divine Love if things don’t go their way. (Sorry but the universe, God, Spirit, Higher Power, Creator, Source, or whatever you call it doesn’t care if you believe or not – that’s not arrogance – it’s because you have free will and choice.) Furthermore, we look around and see that others have what we don’t and wonder why they’re receiving – after all, we’re a good person, work hard, and all the rest. Just WTF? Why are they special?

Hence, jealousy is a hindrance when it comes to manifestation; we end up creating from a place of lack. According to Spirit, jealousy is a hate crime and is such a destructive force. Jealousy prevents us from creating what we desire, as we send that energy out into the universe, and eventually that’s what we manifest (not to mention any feelings of frustration, anger, impatience, fear, spite, and such). Jealousy is a petty, mean emotion; and it disappears when you remind yourself of your own worthiness. Hence, this is where we need to do the inner work and look at our belief systems, our self-sabotaging techniques, our lack of love for ourselves (i.e. self-hate, unworthiness) and the like so our manifesting is based on deservedness (i.e. that we all deserve), a spiritual knowing, rather than entitlement (i.e. I deserve things that others do not).

According to Spirit we want to have knowing. Spirit told us, “If you have knowing, then prayer is not asking, it is gratitude.” To have knowing is to activate the Oneness which includes non-judgement. Spirit’s advice was to be the child; it’s to be childlike, not childish. When we are childlike we are in the moment and not judging, hence we are activating the Oneness within. Also try de-cluttering your mind with a few minutes a day of meditation and watch your mind become an empty room for Spirit to fill with love and wisdom. The spiritual practice of gratitude is another way of activating the Oneness as it is a reminder that the universe has our back as it co-creates alongside of us throughout our journey. However, with gratitude positivity is not always enough if we don’t really believe. When it comes to gratitude ask yourself what do you know for sure? For instance, you’ve always had enough food in the fridge, or somehow you’ve always managed to pay your bills. Can you look back and say that it always seemed to work out in the end? Life just needs to happen and take its course, hence patience is part of knowing.

Finally, remember to relax and let go; that’s probably one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to manifesting (we should know). More often than not we’re busy hanging on (unconsciously) because we don’t trust the universe to give us what we want. Often what we want is not necessarily what we need; however we always get what we need, and more – if you just allow.

© 2018 Jeanette Bishop & Helen Varga

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