Collective Consciousness: If We Only Knew What We Were Creating

Thoughts are energy and we tap into the collective consciousness whether we’re aware of it or not. The collective consciousness is currently filled with much anger, hatred, and fear. Thoughts of violent acts, including violent rhetoric from world leaders along with daily scenes of murder, war, and terrorism have us feeling on edge, leaving us with anxiety, filling us with anger. The solution is being vigilant with our own thinking . . . .

Below is an excerpt from our book WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook for Loving Yourself without Fear © 2014 Bishop&Varga

That whole aspect of us being a part of God or some omnipotent being is part of that truth within a truth within a truth—because we are creators in our own right.

If we truly knew how well we created, we wouldn’t create what we’re creating now. If we only knew the truth about the impact of every thought that we have, if we really knew the impact of every prayer we sent out or every healing hand we’ve placed upon a soul, a flower, or a tree. If we knew the true impact of how powerful we are as human beings, we would have a hard time handling that truth, because we have built into our egos that guilt and shame mechanism that would be overpowering. (In other words, realizing the negative we had created, which could have been prevented, and thus, as a result, creating overpowering guilt and shame within ourselves because of our actions.)

Hopefully, when we do recognize the truth regarding our powerfulness as a creator (and we do create on a daily basis), we will have removed that guilt and shame to such an extent that we can accept and move forward from where we’ve been to where we are going in a more enlightened and proactive way. If we’re saying with our words, “I could just have killed them. They make me so angry …” that is an act of violence, a thought of violence. It’s an energy of violence that has been put out into the universe. Imagine 7 billion people and only have half of them sending out messages of violence. What do you end up with? War, strife, greed, lack, guilt, shame, lust; we end up with all of those negative emotions. Spirit isn’t saying we shouldn’t experience them. We have experienced them for a long time, and maybe it’s time to swing the pendulum the other way. It’s not to swing the pendulum based upon righteousness that states “we’re superior and you’re inferior.” But we are righteous in our own right, because we can create “right things”; “right doing”; and “right action,” not based upon good or evil but based upon valuing our being, that of others, and our planet.

The bottom line is if you knew what you were creating—violent thoughts and actions that send out to our world the act of violence—would you be able to stop? Would you fight hard within your being to stop the acts of violence in your mind and how you perpetrate that crime within your being?

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