Spirit Speaks on Violence

Spirit directly answers questions as to why we commit violent acts. This is not a new phenomenon however, with the current rhetoric and emboldened behaviour throughout our world, it seemed fitting to give a spiritual perspective regarding our violent actions. Although physical violence is addressed in this blog, we have to remember that violence comes in many forms (as discussed in our blog Collective Consciousness: If We Only Knew What We Were Creating).

Below is an excerpt from our book WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook for Loving Yourself without Fear © 2014 Jeanette Bishop & Helen Varga

HELEN: Why do we commit acts of violence against one another?

JEN/UNIVERSAL SOURCE: What better way to rid oneself of the mirror of our behavior or our thoughts? You have created a world where life is worthless, so therefore you think it is your right to take life or maim life (i.e., living things). It really shows you how crippled you are in your spiritual life. This is part of you; whether you wish to admit it or not, it matters not. In small ways, you have seen how powerful you are as a spiritual being, no matter how you use that. It must be terrifying for you to understand when your mind is in the physical instead of the spiritual.

HELEN: Why do people kill others because of religious beliefs when religions profess love?

JEN/UNIVERSAL SOURCE: Again, you are talking about the realm of power and needing a more powerful Source than you to take sides with you. It is the human that decides with their free will that the other person isn’t right or that God is on their side, so to speak. Self-worth, a lack thereof, requires a powerful ally to squash the enemy—and that is anyone that thinks differently. Religion is a grouping of people who come together because they believe in the same thing, or so that would seem. However, free will comes into play again as the person starts to exercise their free will and takes a place of power and control. When that happens, the free will then becomes a need for power. The negative aspect of you will create all sorts of experiences for that power to come to fruition. How often have you said to yourself or another, “I wish I could just …” in anger or rage at someone who has thought differently than you, instead of saying to that person, “Thanks for your opinion, however, I have to think about that, as I don’t think that way.” Fanaticism is born out of the need for power. Mostly, people have nothing to lose, or so they think when they behave or think in this manner. They believe their God to be an angry God, filled with vengeance, when in fact it is they who are filled with vengeance and anger. Their sense of sharing is centered on greed, as opposed to sharing with their fellow man. Perhaps spiritual teachings around free will and the power of creation for the benefit of humankind would be the answer.

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