Advice from Spirit: How to Stop Resisting Self-Love

Spirit has repetitively stated that much of the population suffers from a “lack of love within.” Those feelings of being unlovable become so ingrained within our being that it becomes difficult to overcome. Loving ourselves in the truest sense is not about self-absorption, as true self-love is not ego based.

So how do we stop resisting the need to love ourselves? Spirit’s answer is a commonsense approach all the while remembering to take baby steps in the process!

Below is an excerpt from our book WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual – A Guidebook for Loving Yourself without Fear © 2014 Jeanette Bishop & Helen Varga

HELEN: How can we let go of our resistance when it comes to loving ourselves?

JEN/UNIVERSAL SOURCE: Resistance is pain and suffering; therefore, it is the condition of the human being due to the way you look at your world and everything in it. The way you look at your world develops when you are young, and your movie inside your head develops into what you have learned over the years, into what you need to fear and what you need to resist. If you feel unloved or unlovable, you will resist forms of love, which are unconditional and will seek love, which causes you to pay for the privilege through your body and your mind. Even if you crave love, you will be unable to accept it because you feel unworthy.

You are beautiful in your own right, and loving yourself for a split second everyday is enough to start that ripple effect in your own lives, in your own being, and with everybody that you meet. Hence, you will end up doing wonderful things for your body and mind, indicating you are ready for more abundance.

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