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How to Change Your Frame of Reference

Experiencing difficult times makes it challenging to change our frame of reference from a negative outlook to a positive perspective – however, it is possible.

Below is an excerpt from WTF I’m Trying to Be Spiritual - A Guidebook for Loving Yourself without Fear © 2014 Jeanette Bishop & Helen Varga. All rights reserved

We cohabit with our world, and if we look at it during our lowest ebb, we can remind ourselves, “Whatever my frame of reference is right now, be it from another person or a situation I’m in, I have to change that frame of reference when I look at the world, because there’s a bigger picture here. My world isn’t all about this tiny, little perspective.” It’s just one experience out of a day or one out of several years; our lifespan is much bigger than that.

If you have difficult times for several years, it can bring you down, but only if you allow it to. You can actually change the way you think and say, “How did I get back here again? I need to step out of this situation I’m in and see the beauty around me and know there are greater forces at work here than I could possibly ever imagine. All I have to do is keep creating the positive.”

No one is saying it’s easy to do, but once you get into the habit, it becomes easier. You start to realize that our anxiety-driven state can be caused by many factors: pollutants in our food, air, and water; people we relate to; the hurried pace of life, influenced by mass media; or our own insecurities, because we feel we have to be perfect at everything. All of those things combined can create anxiety within a person, causing him or her to react because of something beyond his or her control.

Honestly, we have no control over most of our lives. We can only control how we review them and how we represent ourselves. We can choose to see the beauty and the good in things and say to ourselves, “What’s this situation teaching me right now? Where can I go with this situation that will bring me to a better place?”

When you relax your mind, the answers come, because this is what you’re creating: a space for the answers to come. If you can do that, you will find yourself in a better place almost immediately. Even if it’s for a split second, at least you’ve experienced it, which is better than no experience at all.

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