Healing in 2020

Energy and Healing

Whether you believe in a spiritual energy or not, it really does not matter – it exists. We have a spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and sexual energy.

How many of us can see we are mentally tired?

How many of us state we feel emotionally drained?

It all relates to energy, be it the drainage of energy or the over abundance of energy. If our balance is upset, then our energies are affected.

If we are emotionally worn out (guilt and shame, self-hatred, or unworthiness) then we cannot handle anything that is emotional that is going to actually tap into that emotional well-being which is called love; those sensitivities that we feel i.e. joy, bliss, peace, compassion and the like. If it is a physical energy that is being drained, then our body is not capable of moving in the same manner that we might normally want to move. If it is a mental energy being sapped, then we cannot think the same way.

As a result, spiritually we may not feel like praying to our inner being or communing with Spirit and Source.

Hence, energy is crucial to our balanced well-being and daily existence.

To balance those energies, the first thing that has to happen is that it has to come from our thought form(s).

“The vibration of the body is dependent on the thought processes. To elevate your body away from low vibrations which can cause ill health, remain in the power of love with thoughts, words, and deeds. This does not mean to reduce boundaries but to move away from individuals which need boundaries consistently. Their need to have power in one way or another creates the dissonance in the beautiful harmony of the body. Over time this creates dis-ease. To restore harmony in the body – meditation with high vibrational sounds to encourage the cells to resonate higher and to encourage the mind to let go of harmful thinking.” – Spirit

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